Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 2 was suppose to be the first day of the internship. After a long arduous journey across my bedroom to my computer I discovered after waiting on the IRC and sending am email that my mentor was still on vacation. He'll be on vacation until January 7 so I am on my own until Monday. It was a long walk but I didn't break a sweat. I'm being facetious. I can walk well enough that it isn't any strain to walk around the apartment. I just have problems going long distances. I asked my mentor which version of the JUnit test runner to use on baseline scalability tests on Errai which is suppose to be my first task. He answered my email to give me an answer and to tell me he was on vacation.  He had referred to a "new test runner" in the Errai bug tracker list which turned out be something he wrote: junit-4-perfrunner. The strain of the day drained me (once again being facetious) that I decided to take a nap before getting started. I can be a real slave driver when it comes to taking breaks.

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