Friday, January 25, 2013

Most software developers at some point find themselves Googling for help. One of my pet peeves is when developers use the same tired example to educate. If other people are using the example you probably don't need to repeat it. Come up with your own example! We are searching because we didn't find the tired example too helpful. My other pet peeve is when developers only give a few lines of code without giving a complete example demonstrating the concept in question. I ran into these problems when trying to look up ExecutorService which is finally why I had to get help from my mentor. That is why I made sure our example made it to my blog. I imagine if I kept searching through all the links I could have found something helpful but that takes time. Part of the reason for the FOSS movement is to help other developers. When you solve a particularly hard problem be sure to post it so others can learn.

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