Thursday, January 31, 2013

The past week has been frustrating. Since the last release of Errai the updates and changes have made it so Errai won't run. We can't figure out where the bugs are that prevent Errai from running and we have been trying all week to figure it out. With something as complex as Errai, it is difficult to find the bugs right away. We had to give up on our plans of performance testing of Errai for now.. The complexity of a lot of projects is what has kept me out of FOSS up until now. Women from Systers and devchix kept telling me I needed to build my portfolio in FOSS to help me get a job. A couple of women sent me links from github of projects they thought I would be interested in based on my background. It's difficult to dive into complex projects when you are a beginner and haven't been there from the beginning of a project. My mentor has been on the Errai project since the beginning and he can't figure out all the bugs preventing Errai from running yet. I established an account on github back then but had no idea what I was doing. I was able to learn the basics of github but it wasn't until this internship that I learned any more details of github with the help of my mentor Jonathan. Hopefully, the details of our internships on our blogs will encourage other beginners to  give it a try.

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